Monday, June 23, 2008

PART-1. Autofocus Adjustment charts for front and back focusing problems. Good for Pentax, Canon and Nikon.

Auto-Focus * Front and back focusing charts updated. The good news is that it's still free.


 Hi Photographer friends,

Do you have front or back focusing problems with some of your lenses or DSLR? You could spent in excess of One hundred dollars to get a manufactured lens aligning devices, or get mine for free. It does the same job and it cost nothing.

Why would I give it away? I love photography and I made some great cyber friends through my blogsite.  It's my way to contribute a little, and help up and coming photographers. It can help Advanced and Pro Photographers as well. 

For almost six years, my AF charts have been downloaded all over the world. The charts are downloaded on an average of five hundred times everyday. It was originally designed for the Pentax K20D, but I updated the charts by deleting any camera specific instructions, and by revising images and some of the instructions. I believe it is more user friendly than before. You be the judge. The charts (3) are now all inclusive in one downloadable package and are for every brands of DSLR cameras such as Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and all other brands that have the capability of adjusting the AF settings of each of your lenses. Let your friends, that use other brand of camera than yours, know about the charts.

Thank you for following my blogsite for the last six years.

Yvon Bourque


Anonymous said...

Very nice systemmatic approach. Thank you for taking the time to do this, since it is a subject that comes up on the forums so often. Now you are just teasing us to have to wait for part II though!

Unknown said...

I am not teasing... This is going to be a long blog. I will be talking to Pentax Tomorrow and would like to publish their comments as well as anyone's comments and constructive comments.

Anonymous said...

I know, I was kidding. I should have used the ;o) Having comments from Pentax would really be helpful.

Unknown said...

This must be the most comprehensive and easy to understand explanation of auto focusing adjustment on the K20D that I have come across. Do keep up the great work

Don said...

Thanks for the charts, you've helped to diagnose focus problems with both AF and manual focus lenses! Sheesh, who knew that was even possible :-)

Torkel said...

Thanks for these charts, they saved my day!
On my 50/F1.4 I had to go all the way to -10, no wonder I couldn't get any sharp pictures at 1.4 before! But now I can! :)
Also the 16-45 needed -10 but my 55-300 was best at -7.
It seems as if my camera was badly adjusted camera from the factory, I'm happy it could be adjusted this easy.

DSLR Cameras said...

Congrats. The email increase your credibility. Not many blogs are covering Pentax digital slr DSLR camera. You are one of them.

netarc said...

Thanks for this resource, looks very useful; I had previously come across Jeffrey's chart, but like that yours can be folded up to provide the proper angle.

Question - no reason this can't be used to test for front/back focus on any other brand of DSLR, right?

Anonymous said...

Rather cool blog you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

Bella Benedict

Anonymous said...

Brilliant site, I had not come across earlier during my searches!
Keep up the excellent work!

Bilal said...

very nice.. From Photography Tips

Anonymous said...

Yvon.... the link to the focus chart appears to be dead... :(
Would have loved to check my K-r

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This specific have to be one of the most complete and easy to know explanation associated with car focusing modification for the K20D i are familiar with. Carry out keep up the fantastic operate