Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The lucky "7" Pentax DSLR, coming near you soon.

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It's going to be a great DSLR. Other DSLRs will have to play catch-up. You will be proud to have a Pentax.


Kill-K said...

Dunno...the body news is kind of exciting...
but..I heard news about lens prices increased so dramatically...FA 43mm got double up here (in Hong Kong)...
and other lens have something from 10%~20% raise...
Dunno why it's happening while I want to buy my FA31 :P

Anyway...I'm looking forward to K7 (or whatever it calls) next week!

Suecae Sounds said...

Soon... :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm already proud and all I've got is a K10D.

JP said...

Salut Yvon,

Lorsque le prix sera établi et qu'il commencera à descendre pour le "K7D", peut-être bien serai-je intéressé, mais comme j'ai déjà le K10D et le K20D, je devrai sûrement me départir d'un ou l'autre, on verra.
Est ce que ca en vaudra la peine, ca aussi on verra! J'ai bien hâte de voir tous les détails bientôt.

Anonymous said...

I just hope the price isn't too high...thinking it will be about 2 grand Canadian though :(

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Je pense que quand tu aimeras ce que le K-7 apporte en termes d'innovations. To en voudras un. Beaucoup de NOUVELLES innovations sont présentées avec le K-7, non-existant sur n'importe quel autre "DSLRs."


Bonjour Yvon,

C'est vraiment magnifique, j'ai hate de voir de quoi il s'agit "les nouvelles innovations" .

Anonymous said...

I was hesitant to get my hopes way up, till we knew more. But must had it to you, there is a lot to be excited about. And many new things, and Pentax again the first to bring it to the table. I can't remember it all. But :


- manual placement of sensor

- Electronic leveling.

- new standard cold weather functionality


And all things in an impressively small package.

I can't wait; this is the camera to upgrade from my K10. I think this could be a new K10 scenario for Pentax.
The LX of DLSR