Saturday, September 26, 2009

NYC is still a great place to take photographs.

The architecture of NYC can be futuristic or antiquated. Whatever you are looking for, there is at least one in NYC.

Flooding In NYC...I don't think so!

Walk a mile in my shoes!

The Jane Hotel has rooms for $99.00 per night. Reminiscent of a ship's cabin, at approximately 50 sq. ft. their Standard Cabins are remarkably cozy. Each cabin features a single bed, luggage rack, in-room safe, free wireless Internet, telephone with voicemail, 23"-inch LCD television, DVD player, and iPod dock. What a cool place and so cheap for NYC.

The City guardian!

How cool of a building is that?

Street food is the best in NYC.

My Daughter "Marisa" and her boyfriend "Matthew" spent a weekend in NYC a few weeks back. They stayed at this cool hotel called, "The Jane Hotel" for $99.00 per night. They had a blast and I am jealous. I never thought you could get a room in a newly renovated hotel for $99.00 per night in NYC.

They took some pictures, posted above, with their Olympus Point & Shoot. Of course, it doesn't have the same IQ as the Pentax K-7, but they are well composed and speak for themselves. I didn't incorporate any of the pictures taken in Times Square, because that's what everybody does. There are plenty of interesting and unique places in NYC.

I guess I will have to buy them a Pentax DSLR some day.

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Yvon Bourque

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Anonymous said...

Thats awesome. Thanks Dad. :) I especially love the pic of Matt eating the sandwich in times square. Our cabin even had bunk beds!! lol