Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Newer iPod Touch can be a great tool for your photography.

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I recently purchased an iPod touch. It looks just like the Apple iPhone without the cell phone capabilities. It is a wi-fi device and it needs to be connected to a wireless network or wi-fi to have access to internet. It is not a device that you can use to log on the internet anywhere, but it works in so many public places and of course at home and office if you have a wireless router setup.

Although laptops and notebooks are very portable, the Ipod touch brings portability to a whole new level. You can check your emails, keep up with your Facebook status, get on EBay to buy or sell, and use hundreds of photography related apps, all in the palm of your hand.

You can even download PDF files, but as far as I know, the images in PDF documents are not downloaded. I was hoping they would, as all of the e-books could have been downloaded on the iPod.  I am working on a solution for that and perhaps my e-books will be downloadable directly to the iPod in the future, making it a great small tool to bring with you to a photo shoot.

It is addictive and I find myself surfing the internet at home while watching TV, etc. There are thousands of apps available for a small price and many of them for free. I get on EBay, bid on some camera alerts me when I am outbidded and in the end, I can pay with my PayPal which is also an app that is installed on my iPod.

You can be sure that I will write more about what can be done to help your photography using the iPod. If you are using the Ipod touch for your photography, please share your experience with all of us.

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Yvon Bourque


Unknown said...

A great poduct I love mine.
I don't think there is any apps for a pentax. A cool idea would be to tie into your pentax for a live
view. I haven't figured out PDF'S so I can put my manual on it.


Gibson, William said...

so far all I can do with mine in terms of photography is to copy some photos over to it, so I can show little slideshows to friends

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it