Sunday, September 16, 2007

Flower Power and Learning Power.

About four months ago, many Pentax users of the K100D asked me if I would write a book for the K100D, similar to the book I wrote for the K10D. I thought of the idea for a few weeks. I am not sponsored by Pentax in any way, and for me to write a book about another camera meant that I had to purchase the camera. I talked it over with my wife, and we finally decided to take a chance and to go ahead and purchase the K100D. Once I received the camera, I tested it, took lots of pictures, read the user's manual many times over, searched the internet and experiment with it until I knew the camera inside out. Only then, did I start writing the book. (The book is out now and hopefully helping many Pentax K100D users get the best of the camera.)

None-the-less, Anne (wife) was appointed editor of the book by default (maybe reluctantly at first) and decided that she too would use the K100D to verify the correctness of the book. She hears so much about photography from me that she isn't all that interested anymore. I can tell her about a new lens just coming out and her answer can be something like "I need to buy new shoes this weekend". Obviously to me, whatever I say about photography goes in one hear and out the other, or does it?

She read the book and tried most of the buttons and menu items, as described in the book, on the K100D. She asked a lot of questions about this and that, and requested changing some of the explanations to a more user friendly and not-so-technical way.

A few weeks ago, she went on a trip to Victoria, British Columbia, with eight of her life-long girl friends. They visited a botanical garden and Anne took a lot of photographs of flowers and of the Victoria area in general…with the K100D. (Oh, by the way, it is now her camera). It is only upon her return that I realized that my perception that what I was telling her was going in one of her hear and out the other was wrong. With photos like these, I know that she listened, read, learned a lot and quickly. I better watch out. I have competition.

As for the photos of her and her friends, well...that's materials for a whole new post, between friends.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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