Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pentax K20D book "everything you need to know...and then some."

Hi Pentaxians and Friends,

I have released the K20D book about two weeks ago. I got myself in a little trouble as more books were sold than I anticipated in that short period. The delivery started a little slow because of that. I have now caught up and have enough books made in advance to keep up.

The new K20D book has 40 more pages than the previous K10D and K200D books. There are more pictures and illustrations than in my previous books. There are more general photography techniques. I will continue selling my books at $19.95 plus shipping, except when purchased from Ebay. Forty more pages reduces my small profit even smaller. Sales on Ebay, when counting the various fees, makes it impossible to sell the book at the same price as on my website. I will have to raise the price to $23.95 when selling the book on Ebay.

I will post all photographs and illustrations on the Website shortly, in color, so that you can download them or practice on them with your favorite post-processing software. Any upgrades to the Firmware or additional write-up will be posted on the website as well for free download.

The book will also be available for download as an e-book (PDF) in a short while, but it seems that most photographers prefer having a printed book in hand rather than reading on a computer screen.

You can order the book here : on EBay.

Thank you for visiting my Blogsite,

Yvon Bourque

P.S. Now that the book is launched, I will be able to post more regularly on this blog.
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