Friday, May 30, 2008

Tehachapi Pass in California

Hello Pentaxians and friends. Special thank you to in Spain for incorporating some of my posts on their site, translated in their native language. If only the Governments could get along as well as regular people and photographers do!

Tehachapi is a small and quiet town. It is famous for the Tehachapi Rail Road loop, which I didn't have a chance to photograph this time around. It does have a lot of agriculture as shown above.

The tehachapi Pass in Southern California is home to thousands of electricity generating wind turbines. We need more of those to become energy self-sufficient.

It is a friendly town. Even the cows are friendly.

The area is about 4,000 ft in altitude. Rolling hills, country roads, and wind mills are the common scene. There is some kind of beauty in these wind mills.

We went to Tehachapi this past weekend for some R & R. There isn’t really much to do there but I always wanted to stop and take some pictures. We always drive by when we go to the Bay Area, but it seems we never have time to stop. This Memorial Day Weekend, we drove to Tehachapi and stayed in a small motel. Since the price of gas is so high here, we didn’t want to drive too far. ($4.25 per gallon this past weekend...ouch!)

My step-son is walking the Pacific Crest Trail and we met him there for a few day. It gave him a chance to rest a little, sleep in a real bed, and take a real shower. While he spent some quality time with his mother (my wife), I had plenty of time to go around the area in search of good photographic opportunities. I came home with at least fifty keepers. I will post a collection of them on my Gallery soon but I thought I would include a few here. Of course this is just my opinion…we all like our own pictures.

Many of the photographs required the use of a tripod and a remote control as I wanted to capture some of the wind mills with the blades slightly blurred to accentuate movement. I realized, once there, that I had lost or forgot my Cable Switch CS-205. I use the K20D with the battery grip and was able to use the Remote Control-F which is stored in the Battery Grip along with a spare SD card. Now…how many Companies offer this convenience in their battery grips? I believe Pentax is the only one. Even better, the same Battery Grip fits the K10D as well. You see why I like Pentax equipment! The compatibility with older lenses is unparalleled and the sharing of battery grip between the K10D and the K20D is a first. The ability to store a remote and SD card in the grip is an added bonus.

I hope you have time to go out and take some pictures. It’s relaxing and it relieves the daily stress.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque.
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