Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Auto Focusing problems with the K10D may be more of a perception that reality.

Hi Pentax friends,

Eversince I designed the Auto Focus chart and made it available free for downloading, I have received many favorable comments and thank you emails. I just wanted to post the following email received today from a reader named Charles G Clark.


I posted a message on the Pentax Forum about focusing issues with my K10D. One of the responders sent the link to your website so I could download and test my auto focus. I did the tests last night.

I am surprised at the results. I tested my 16-45mm first. It focused correctly. I then tested my 50-200mm. It focused correctly. Finally, I tested my old tamron 70-300. It focused correctly.

I am left questioning why I thought I had a problem. I am afraid I had become one of the people listening to the woes of other Pentaxian posters.

Thanks to your test cards and a methodical testing approach, I have regained my confidence in my camera. It really feels good.

Chuck Clark"
You can download the charts yourself to the left of this post.
Thank you for reading,
Yvon Bourque
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