Monday, October 13, 2008

Did I purchase a white elephant?

Hi pentaxiand friends.
This weekend, I found the above Pentax video camera at the local swap meet. The price tag was at $100.00 but after bargaining with the seller, I got it for $25.00. It came with a great case that's probably worth that much alone.
The problem, is that I was not able to find anything about this Pentax - Color Video Camera model PC-K9000. I googled it and all I was able to find was a replacement battery for it at a cost of nearly $250.00. It has no recording media in the camera itself and I believe it has to send a signal to some kind of video recording media. It may be a television camera for all I know. I wonder if there is an adapter to run the camera from a wall outlet?
It has what seems to be a great zoom lens on it @ 20mm to 100mm, whatever that is in this format.
If anyone knows anything about this Pentax model of Video Camera, please let me know. I'm afraid that I have purchased a white elephant. However, It can make a great paper weight and generate a lot of conversation.

Thank you for reading and I hope someone knows something about this Pentax Color Video Camera. I didn't even know that Pentax had made video cameras.
Yvon Bourque
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