Sunday, October 26, 2008

Look here...K20D and K200 available at Costco.

Hi Pentaxian friends,

Look at what I found here. It was posted on Photo-net by Zafar Kazmi. Good find Zafar. They also have the K200D. Go to the site and write a review, as suggested by Zafar. The more good reviews, the more people will buy. The more people buy, the better it is for all uf us. We all want Pentax to be there for ever.

I think you can only buy the Pentax DSLR kits from their online store, but hopefully, we will see the Pentax boxes stacked beside the Canon and Nikon offers at Costco "The brick and mortar stores". That would be so nice. And if they could manage to have the new K-2000 kit in all the Costco stores across the US and Canada for the Holiday season, Pentax could suddenly be a rising star (*) and finally the general public would get to see what good deal Pentax DSLRs are.

K20D and K200D available at Costco

It gets better by the day. See the current prices at

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Yvon Bourque


Alan Mapes said...

Yvon - thanks for your note about Costco carrying Pentax. I just checked and found very good prices on Pentax cameras:

K200D - $586 with 18-55 lens (could be the older model lens)
K20D - $812.45 body only

I'm still enjoying my K10, but these prices are getting down to the point that starts me thinking of a K20. Thanks for your great service posting material on these great cameras.

Cheers, Alan Mapes
Delmar, NY

Dickey45 said...

It's now $704 for the k20d at amazon. I wonder if they are authorized and thus qualify for the 3 yr extended warranty?