Thursday, November 13, 2008

BE INTERESTING. Pentax has a new website and a new skin.

Dear Pentaxian friends.

WOW! Today Pentax USA launched it's new website with a new skin. The site is much easier to navigate, has more information about products, has a new expanded on-line store, and you can even chat with Pentax (live) in the support section.

Pentaxians, photography is what we do. We all know that a picture is worth a thousands words. Visit the site now and sign up for pentax offers, news, and more.
From Yvon Bourque, the current and future Pentaxians, we congratutale the PENTAX TEAM for this great new website.


Editor: Yvon Bourque said...

Congratulation Pentax. This is a great website. I'm looking forward to all new Pentax endeavors this coming year.
Ned, John, Michelle, Chris and all the other members of the Pentax group involved in this project...job well done.

Jeffrey said...

Thank you Pentax! To date, I have had to resort to Goggling for info on your products--not good for a manufacturer. As one who has had Rolie, Nikon and Contax products, I look forward to using my K20D, which is my FIRST DSLR. The three SMCP DA lenses that I purchased (10-17, 18-50, 50-135) look well constructed and I am excited to start down the digital road after shooting film since 1962 (yes, that's 1962). Let the fun begin!