Monday, November 3, 2008

Currently, the perfect Pentax DSLR would be the K20D mechanism fitted in the K200D body.

Hi Pentaxian friends,

My name is Yvon Bourque and I approved this message! :)

I love my K20D. It's by far the best camera I have ever owned. There is a lot of talk on forums across the world about full frame and medium format DSLRs these days. Everyone has a wish list for what they want or "must have" on the next generation of DSLRs. The next generation time keeps getting shorter and shorter.

What would be the fun in having every imaginable gadgets on a DSLR? Where would be the art form and what would be the pleasure of meticulously composing a shot? If a DSLR does all the work for you, don't buy a DSLR, buy a print instead. All that "give me more" will have to stop someday, I hope. Photography is a hobby, an art form, a living for some of us, and the MOST POPULAR HOBBY in the world.

I have been in photography all my life and never had a camera as good as the K20D. Of course, there are some more expensive DSLRs on the market and I agree that Professional Photographers doing sport, or reporting, need the best that is available. Their mission is to get that moment in time, and report that to the public. It's rarely about the IQ, it's mostly about the moment frozen in time for them.

Everyone else, should be just fine with the technology already existing today. With the K20D, you can take beautiful pictures and enlarge them enough for display in any art gallery. It's wonderful to live in this era.

However, If I could be granted a wish at this time, I would wish that the K20D mechanism could be fitted inside of a K200D body. At one time or another, I've owned each model of DSLR that Pentax produced. I did like the *istD for it's compactness, but it was just a little too small for my hands, and not technologically adequate to replace film cameras. The K20D is a great looking camera and very comfortable to handle. I use the battery grip and it feels solid. Of course, the K10D is the same body, but the sensor is obviously not as powerful. The K200D is, in my opinion, the best designed DSLR in the Pentax line. If fact, I was at Costco and Circuit City today, and held every Nikon, Canon, Sony and Olympus they had. (Why don't they have Pentax?) Anyway, I think that all other makers' DSLRs feel too much like plastic and are cheaply built. When used with the battery grip, the K200D is easy to hold, is comfortable and not too heavy. I can haul the K200D all day long.

So there you go...I'm happy as I can be with the K20D and the 14.6 MP CMOS sensor, and if I could increase my exhilaration, I'd love to have it in a K200D body.
Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque


Odyn said...

You'll probably get it.
It will be called K300D.

Miserere said...

I agree with Odyn. Let's see what the PMA brings around.

I would like for the KX00D series to have two e-dials, that would set them apart from the competition in a subtle, yet important way.

Now stop reading my silly comments and go vote, people!!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

What I would like to see is a compact body which shares the design philosophy of the DA limited lenses. Keep the APS-C sensor and maybe even consider an EVF. That paired with the pancake limiteds would be an incredible kit.

Anonymous said...

Dedicated AF assist lamp for low light focus

Editor: Yvon Bourque said...


Too bad you didn't leave your name. We like everybody on this blog. None-the-less, I have to agree with you, AF assist lamp would definitely help in focusing in dark areas.

Miserere said...

The pop-up flash functions as an AF assist lamp, the only problem is that you need to close it after you've focused so it doesn't fire! It would be nice to have a firmware upgrade that would allow the flash to function only as an AF assist lamp.