Friday, December 19, 2008

Rare "Snow in the Mojave Desert" photo shoot, accompanied by my beloved wife. Something to cherish forever!

Hi Pentaxian friends,

As you might have read in my previous posts this week, it snowed here in the Mojave Desert. Depending on the elevation, there were 6" to 15" accumulation. Though it might not sound like some extraordinary event for most, this was a big deal here.

The storm was yesterday, and I did not venture too far from our residence. I know how to drive in snow, but most Southern Californians are not used to that white stuff. I wanted to take a picture of my wife wearing a red coat and carrying an opened red umbrella, in the blizzard, but she said she would do it in the morning.

Today, it was a different story, no more blizzard but snow covered trees and a white magical blanket covering the landscape. I got up early and we got in my beloved "Jeep", my more beloved wife and me. I had my K20D with the DA* 16-50mm f/2.8 and she had the new K2000 (the black one) with the supplied DA 18-55mm lens.

I love my wife dearly, but ...going to a photo shoot in a Jeep, through mud and snow, across the back roads, was not exactly her cup of tea after all. She didn't really know it until we got going. First, since it was so early, we had to go for breakfast. That was fine, plenty more daylight to go. As we left the restaurant, walking across the parking lot, her socks got wet. So from there we went to "Big 5", purchased a new pair of heavy wool socks, and a pair for me too as I was told I needed, and some of those "toe warmers" and oh yes... a blanket so her legs would not get cold in the Jeep. I have a heater, but air does come in from all around. It's a Jeep with canvas top and doors and not very winter friendly. So ready to go again, we started driving toward the mountains where there wasn't many houses and lots of Joshua trees. We passed a "Target" along the way, and had to stop so that she could "feel better" after drinking so much coffee at the restaurant. While in the store, she thought that a Christmas Wreath would look good in front of the Jeep. It's the Holiday Season...let's show the world how joyous we are. So I obliged. There was that nice purse she started to look at, selling at more than 50% off the regular price. It was challenging, but I promised we would go back this weekend. It's 12:30 now and the sun sets around five. There are no clouds in the sky and the temperature has warmed up quite a bit. The sun has started melting the snow that was covering the trees, from Joshua trees to Palm trees. That's something that is rarely seen. What a photographic opportunity. We finally got to our destination, drove the Jeep through mud and snow and took some pictures. What now! My cell phone is ringing and I am stupid enough to answer it. It's an employee working at the Post Office Contract Unit located within the business place. "We ran out of Christmas stamps, and on your way back, you think you could you stop by the Main Post Office and get some more?" The streets are still dangerous to drive on, and since I drive this Jeep, that's the right thing to do. So that was the end of a wonderful day in the snow covered desert, something that happens every thirty to forty years. Not to worry, it'll come again.

There's hope! Medical science is making progress every year and maybe, just maybe, the expected lifespan will be prolonged in the future and I will still be able to photograph this rare meteorological event the next time around. As for my Jeep, if we can still purchase gasoline then, I will drive it through the snow again. I will keep the Christmas Wreath in the back of the Jeep, just-in-case. By then, I might be using "the then new" Full-Frame Pentax K30D. I just can't wait for the next snowstorm. It will be fun!

Thank you for reading,
Yvon Bourque

Most stories are half fiction and half reality, and so is this story. Here are some pictures that Anne, my beloved wife, took with the new Pentax K2000. She absolutely wants the new white K2000, it's more color coordinated with what she usually wear. It makes perfect sense to me. The K2000 is a real good entry-level DSLR. She likes it a lot. She had the chance to try all of the Pentax DSLRs, because I bought them all at one point or another. Yet she likes the K2000 the best.

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