Saturday, December 20, 2008

Results of the White Pentax K2000 survey.

Hi Pentaxian friends.

This past week, we had a survey about the introduction of the white K2000. The unveiling of the white K2000 caused quite a stir. Some Pentaxians were even upset about it. I personally think it's a great idea. Being an entry-level camera, more women and families will be upgrading from a point and shoot to DSLR. Women are more likely to like the white DSLR.

Here are the results we received:

Total of people answering the call: 238

Total Yes, I like the White K2000: 120 - 71%
Total No, I do not like the White K2000: 48 - 29%
Total Yes/No survey: 168 -100%

Women liking the White K2000 : 18 - 100%
Women not liking the White K2000 : 0 - 0%
Total women Yes/No survey: 18

I am angry survey: 11-13%
Does not affect me survey: 71 - 87%
Total angry/does not affect survey: 82

  • So the bottom line, of the straight yes or no votes: 71% like the white K2000.

  • Of the 18 women who answered wether they like or don't like the white K2000, 18 said yes and 0 said no.: 100%

  • 82 people answered to the angry or does not affect me survey. 87% said it didn't affect them.
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