Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hi Pentaxian friends,

On December 5, 2008, I posted an article about a group of Snowbirds in Southern Texas that do good with some of our southern neighbors. Some of the same group of people plus many more kind souls also belong to the "AMIGO de LOS NINOS de MEXICO". Their goal is to bring some joy to less fortunate children on Christmas day. This has been going on for many years.

It takes place in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico. Each year, through their efforts, the group collects food, candy, toys and head down to Nuevo Progresso on Christmas day. This year, 2650 children benefited from this annual event. Each child got some fruits, candy, peanuts, chocolate, toys, hot dogs and soft drink, pencils and other trinkets.

My brother and his wife belong to the group. Thank you and thank you to the whole organization, for bringing a day of joy and fun to these children.
Yvon Bourque

P.S. Maybe next year, I will be able to equip my brother with a Pentax DSLR!
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