Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Site for the K2000/K-m

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by Miserere

Pentax has launched a site exclusively for its new K2000/K-m:

The site showcases the K2000/K-m's capabilities, and a whole lot more.


This section is self-explanatory I think :-)


This section highlights the strengths (small size and weight, easy to use controls and menus, great picture quality, etc.) of the camera. I couldn't get over how sexy this camera looks with a DA 40mm f/2.8 Ltd mounted on it:

Together with a DA 21mm f/3.2 they would make a great street photography team.

Designer's story

You should read the stories of how the camera came to be, as told by 5 of the engineers that worked on it. Interesting stuff!

Sample photos

There are 80 sample photos (so far) organized into pages. On the last page (which are the oldest photos) the thumbnails show the photos as they would look straight out of the camera; if you click on a thumbnail you get a larger version of the photo with a digital filter from the K2000/K-m applied to it. Unfortunately, they don't tell you which particular filter was used in each case. Here are some examples I liked:

On the other pages there are sample images taken with a variety of Pentax lenses, each of which is noted under the thumbnail. Some also have on-camera filters applied to them, which this time are indicated. This seems like a growing site so maybe they'll get around to tagging all the photos with the appropriate information.

To begin with

This section is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with the camera. If you've just bought a K2000/K-m and it's your first DSLR, this is the place for you! There is a video of each step to help you along (you can find all these videos on YouTube here).

♥ Report

It seems like they gave the camera to 3 female Pentax employees to use and then asked for their views. In this sections you can read the opinions of Hal Coco and Sora, and see pictures they took.

Now you know what's there, why don't you check it out for yourself!
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