Saturday, January 24, 2009

One way to take better pictures.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

Photography books and magazines are full of tips to make or take better photos. While they are probably usefull most of the time, here's a way that I use to achieve the photos that I want... most of the time.

Assuming that you know your camera and equipment, the rest is a matter of composition. There are the rules of third, the back lighting, selective focusing, fill flash, etc, all of which are technical. I go by one very simple rule.

Before I actually press the shutter, I ask myself; what is that picture going to be about ? Then I name my picture in my head and work hard to convey that to the viewers. It's as simple as that. A picture is not necessarily about technical perfection. A picture should convey a message. By naming your picture ahead of pressing the shutter, chances are that the viewers will get the message. If you do your part right, your pictures might even be worth a thousand words. It doesn't always work, but the chances of getting your message across with your pictures are better.

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