Thursday, January 22, 2009

A visit to Southern California. Pictured with Pentax DSLRs.

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Hi Pentaxian friends,

Technology is so great. One of my daughter and her boyfriend visited us last week from the East Coast, Maryland to be precise, and I was able to take most of the week off. I knew I wouldn’t have time to write new articles everyday so I wrote them in advance and scheduled them to appear everyday just a little after midnight. Thanks to Justin Serpico, Alain Dumas and Miserere, who also wrote articles, it was even easier to take a break. I carry a laptop and I was able to answer my emails, and post the comments received.

My wife and I live in Southern California, and while they were here, we had a chance to visit the area. We spent some time in Pasadena, Palm Springs and Los Angeles. Some of the highlights of their stay were visiting a small Ghost Town named Calico, Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs. Here are some pictures taken with my Pentax DSLRs, some with the K20D, some with the K200D and some taken by my wife with her K2000:

That's me with my daughter as photographed by my wife. Apparently she looks like me!

My wife Anne with Marisa

Marisa and Matthew

Calico General Store

Calico typical door

Calico School room

Palm Springs sunset

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Campsite

Daughter's silouhette

No, we didn't camp there, but wish we would have.

One week is not a long time and before we knew it, it was time for them to fly back. We had a great time and every so often, I think of how hard it is to live all across the Country. My wife and I both have children and grandchildren from previous marriage, and they reside all over the USA. They are in Florida, Maryland, California, Nevada and Washington State. None of them lives close enough for a day trip. Again, thanks to technology, we can communicate over the internet, cell phones and even see each other while chatting on the computer. We can leave text messages on cell phones and send pictures or even videos as things happen. It still does not replace a personal visit, but it’s a far cry from the way it was just a hundred years ago. Back then, moving to another State meant that chances were you wouldn’t see your loved ones in this world again.

Marisa and Matthew, we had a great time while you were here.

Thank you for reading,
Yvon Bourque
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