Saturday, February 14, 2009

Peace for little boys! A must watch.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

I've been writing this Pentax photographic blog for nearly two years now. I noticed that one thing photographers seem to have in common is that so many are also musicians. I guess that once you have an artistic mind, it spreads to other artistic endeavors as well. So many of my readers play guitar, just like I play guitar myself. Inquiring the "about me" on many photographic blog sites, I found that many also have another blog about their musical aptitudes. Hang on, because I'm going somewhere with this...

Since many of you are also musicians and because what you're about to watch and listen to has moved me and the people in my circle of friends, I am glad to feature this song and video on my photographic blog site. Phil Brown wrote the song, sings all voice parts and plays all musical instruments as well. This whole recording and video was home made with an eight tracks recorder. Pretty amazing to say the least. Michael Mollenhauer of Mollenhauer guitars was the project manager of this endeavor, and coordinated the music and videos. Although I do not know Phil personally, I applaud his enormous talent. Michael and his wife Linda, are clients of ours and it is Linda that brought my attention to the video.

So if you have sound on your computer, sit back and watch. If you have children, bring a box of Kleenex first, because it will touch a nerve. Peace for little boys

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque

Note: Spread the word about this video, as I think it deserves to be number one on the music charts. The best songs are not always born in big Professional Studios with big budgets. I hope Phil Brown breaks in big time with this achievement. Kudos to you Phil.
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