Monday, February 16, 2009

PENTAX now shipping the White K2000. My Valentine got one.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

Did you know that the Pentax White K2000 is now available from the Pentax's store? It's ships within one working day.

I had my name on the "Now taking orders" list and received an Email from Pentax when the camera became available. I purchased the kit, even though I already have the K20D and didn't exactly need another DSLR, but given it's fashionable white color, I thought I would get one for my wife. I've been showing her the camera on the Internet and I knew that she liked it. It just so happened that I received the camera right before Valentine's Day.

On Valentine's Day, my wife and I exchanged cards and after we read each others', I told her that I still had a little something for her. I gave her the White K2000 and she was really surprised and really likes the camera. She often accompanies me when I go on a photo shoot and uses one of my cameras to take pictures as well. She adores the pearly white K2000 and I bet your wife would like it too. Now she has her own, and a very exclusive one at that.

You see, in my world, and most men's world, the wife is often a deciding factor whether you buy more lenses or not. Those lenses are expensive and it's often hard to justify purchasing more, when the house needs painting, the kids need something and bills have to be paid, etc. Unless you're a professional photographer, there are a million things more important to your wife than your lenses. Buy her a cool camera like the K2000 and show her how to use it and bring her with you on your photo outings. For one, photography is really a fun hobby and can easily be shared with a spouse. Most importantly, invest in a fashionable White K2000 for your wife, it's relatively inexpensive compare to lenses, and chances are that she will encourage you to buy more lenses and equipment. Believe me, if your wife is happy, you will be too. She already took some pictures in Calico, an old ghost town in California, and in Pasadena with the K2000. Here are some...pretty nice aren't they?

Thank you for reading,
Yvon Bourque
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