Sunday, February 22, 2009

Preparing my Jeep for another season of photographic adventures.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

It rained on and off here in "Sunny California" for the past two to three weeks. Although I love the sun, it's a good think when we get some rain. California has some of the nicest wild flowers in the spring, but the abundance and colors always depends on the amount of snow on the mountains and the seasonal rain falls. This year promises to be a good season as there is a lot of snow on the mountains above 5000 feet elevations and it has been raining a little more that usual.

I assume that the wild flowers will be blooming from early March through May at higher elevations. I love to go on the mountains with my best friend "the Jeep". There are plenty of fire roads that a four-wheel drive vehicle can work its way to higher elevations. My first outing is only two to three weeks away. I have taken the Jeep out and started my annual tune-up. She has got to be ready for our first outing. Although winters are mild here, it's still cold, especially at high elevations. I live at near 4000 feet elevation, and it's not that pleasant to ride the Jeep in the cold.

You see her below in a field with Joshua trees all around. We had to test if all suspension components were all good. Next week, it will be the carburetor rebuild and general tune-up. Then, when the time is right, she will be loaded with my Pentax gear and ready to go where I want to take her. She loves to go, and never complains. She always get me there and back.

Until then, I can only wish time would go by faster till my first treck.

Thanks for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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