Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick report from the PMA Sneak Peek. Products from Pentax and other equipment that works with Pentax.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

We spent the afternoon visiting with Vendors at the Sneak Peek . This is where the Press and media meet vendors before the show. We stopped at Pentax and talked to Michelle Martin and Christopher Pound. We held and touch the new X70 and the DA 15mm Limited. (More on those tomorrow after I have time to carefully analyze the cameras and lenses at the Pentax booth.

Thomas G. Sobey and Christine E. Moossmann of Sigma Corp were there and I held the new 18-250mm with the Optical Stabilization that will work with Pentax. They also have a 18-50mm and 50-200, all with the Optical Stabilization that will work with Pentax. They told me that I could do a review of them after the PMA.

Scott Dordick, CEO of Acratech, Inc, showed us the excellent machined ball heads and other great support equipment they manufacture. We may be able to write about them soon, as well.

Jill, from Jill-E Designs showed us some extraordinary accessories and camera bags designed specifically for woman. They are also introducing the Jack line for men.

We spoke with Bob Schmid, VP-Sales of Hoodman. They have so many useful products for all cameras, including Pentax. I actually have been using their HoodLoupe for a while. The have great products.

Graig Strong, Inventor/designer of the Lensbaby showed us all the new line of lensbaby lenses. We will have some of the products to test and review in a while.

Want to keep your lenses clean, Alpine innovations have great cleaning products that simplify a photographer's life. Michal Monsen was very helpful in showing us the products. Michael is the mind behind the products.

Later on tonight or tomorrow, we will post the above products press releases that were given to us.

This is all before the PMA09 officially opens at the exhibition hall tomorrow. Stay tuned and come back often as we will update several times in the next few days.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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