Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have some news concerning the new K-7.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

The Pentax K-7 production model will be available in July. I hope it will be on July 7th, as it would be the availability of the K-7 on 7/7. I have started writing the new book on the K-7. It will hopefully be ready at the same time as the production camera. Here is the preliminary cover for the book. Note that I have included a film strip. I will incorporate sequential photos into it to illustrate the ability of the camera to shoot HD videos.

There will be plenty of color pictures and illustrations to clearly help in the learning process and to make the book as clear as possible as a reference manual. I am contemplating releasing the book in three forms. A printed version, an e-book version readable on a computer screen with no printing capabilities and an e-book version with printing capabilities, but with watermarks (copyright) on the background of each page bottom.

Speaking of photos and illustrations, I invite all of the readers of this blog to submit pictures (the bests of your bests) to incorporate in the book. I cannot afford to pay for pictures, but you will have the full credit below your photo and will have you photos viewed by thousands of readers from all over the world. You can submit your pictures to:

brqyvn@aol.com Please enter "K-7 pictures" in the subject line.

Your pictures will never be sold or published in other media except for the K-7 book. (Except of course if someone would like to purchase your image, in which case we would refer them to you directly.) I'm a photographer too, and I respect your rights. I just think it would be more interesting to have pictures from other photographers other than just mine. Please shower me with your good photographs.

Clarification: The pictures do not need to be from the K-7. Any pictures taken with a Pentax DSLR will suffice. I will use these pictures to illustrate techniques, lighting, etc.


On another note, I received the new Ikan 5.6" HD LCD monitor that can be used with the new K-7, especially when using the HD video capabilities. It uses the new HDMI connection on the K-7. This little gem makes shooting video like you were a film producers. I will have a full review of it's usefulness with the K-7. You can actually use it with the K20D as well in the "Live Mode" or also simply use the larger 5.6" monitor instead of the 2.7" LCD. It is so much easier to look at the results instantly while in the field, away from your computer. Here are a few photos of it installed on another make of DSLR. Imagine the K-7 in its place.

Stay tuned, as this will be an interesting addition to the capabilities of the long awaited Pentax K-7. We are entering a new generation... Still photographer and Videographer with the same tool. How exciting is that? More ways to be interesting!

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque

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