Friday, May 21, 2010

Will Pentax produce a mirrorless camera (often called Hybrid or EVIL camera)? I think they will...they have everything needed.

The Camera above is the Samsung NX10. It uses the same sensor as the K20D and The K-7.

Above is what I think the Pentax EVIL or Hybrid camera could look like. There has been a close relationship between Pentax and Samsung for a while, and for all I know, Pentax may be making the NX10 for Samsung. This said, I think the Sony 12MP sensor used in the K-x would be a better fit.
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Hi Pentaxian friends.

I couldn't resist thinking that a Pentax hybrid would look something similar to the Samsung NX10. I think that Pentax will produce such hybrid camera just because it makes sense. Pentax has always produced cameras with small footprints. The K-x is a good example of their current lineup and when paired with one of their Limited lens, it does have a small footprint. You can actually carry the K-x and a limited lens in your coat pocket...but it is still not as small as what an hybrid camera would be.

DPR wrote "The Samsung NX10 has the heart of a DSLR embedded inside the compact frame of a digital camera, successfully integrating the APS-C size CMOS sensor with a mirrorless interchangeable lens, for a sleek, lightweight camera that users can easily take with them everywhere they go."

Pentax can produce such hybrid camera and can do it better than anyone else. For once, they have all of the infrastructure in place. Everybody loves the Pentax limited lenses. Take the K-x's heart, the 12MP Sony sensor, implant it in a body similar to the Samsung NX10, and voila, Pentax is at the top of Hybrid cameras. I, for one, think the APS-C sensor is more adapt to hybrid cameras than the four thirds sensors. The size of the sensor alone would deliver better image quality than a four thirds sensor. Its like the difference between APS-C and Full Frame sensors.

The small size of the camera would be the biggest advantage. Imagine the qualify image of the K-7 or K-x, in a package that could fit in your shirt pocket.

At this point in time, I doubt that Pentax will ever manufacture a full Frame camera. They already have one better than the full frame in the new 645D, which will eventually be available worldwide...with certainty.

Thanks for reading,

Yvon Bourque

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