Thursday, November 18, 2010

San Diego Photo Expo 2010. Pentax was there and represented by Ken Curry and Evan Bunnell, (Yes Ned's son)

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

The Pentax 645D in all it's slpendor. Oh how I wish I could own one someday!

You see how happy I was for a few minutes, holding the 645D. I'll get one someday.

My wife and I drove to San Diego this past weekend to attend the San Diego Photo Expo. Actually, the Expo was held at the San Diego Fairgrounds, which is actually located in  Del Mar. Pentax was well represented by Ken Curry and Evan Bunnell (Yes...Ned's son). As it always is with Pentax employees, they were very amicable and professional. I got a chance to handle the Pentax 645D and was I ever impressed.  I want one, but it will have to wait for a five years or more.

Ken is in a serious discussion withthis highly interested customer.

Evan demonstrating the 645D AF for a potential client while Ken shows the K-5 to another enthusiast photographer

Ken explained the main attributes of the 645D and I filmed him in a four-segment video. I used the Pentax K-5 and a Rode Stereo mic. I will be posting the video as soon as I complete the editing, which may take me several days. This is the first 1080p video I take with the K-5. I am using Adobe Premiere 9 to edit it. It's a little more complicated than I thought, and the instructions are actually...not very user friendly. None-the-less, I will prevail and put a video together soon.

Ken did let me know that Pentax were getting back to the sales reps approach, to some degree, and that more stores are expected to carry the Pentax Line this coming year. That's good news for all Pentaxians that got frustrated by the lack of Pentax equipment in brick and mortar stores. The introduction of the 645D, the K-5 and the K-r , which are all extraordinary cameras, will certainly contribute in convincing the camera stores to stock-up in  Pentax equipment. After all, the 645D and K-5 are both in the top six best DSLRs in the world, according to DxOMark. As Pentax regains its momentum, you know that the Camera Stores will beg to carry the Pentax line. That's the way the world turns!

Ken told me that Pentax will be introducing more lenses for the 645D, although all the legacy lenses, AF or MF  work perfectly well with the Pentax 645D. It seems that Pentax has dominated the photographic news this past few months or so, with these new cameras.

Pentax is often looked at as the underdog, but that's about to change. The one thing I hope will never change, is the friendliness of the Pentax Company as a whole, here is the United States anyway. Name me another major camera manufacturer where you can actually talk to the executives. Ned Bunnell even has his own blog and exchanges comments with Pentax users. Being a Pentaxian is more like belonging to a family. I haven't met any Pentax employee that I didn't like.

Back to the Photo Expo, it was a great source of information, with all the seminars and presentations. I liked the approach of this photo show and learned from some of the most prestigious photographers. It was a great weekend!

Frankly, Del Mar is also a superb place. We extended our weekend and stayed there through Monday.
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Del Mar beach...most beautiful sunsets
Surfer Joe was there for the weekend!

Yvon Bourque
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