Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Venting about the Barnes and Nobles Nook Color. Like they say, if you don't have an don't have an iPad.


Hi Pentaxian friends.

A while back, around January, I purchased a new Barnes and Nobles Nook Color. At $249.00 it seemed to be a good alternative to the iPad, since it was giving access to the Internet and emails. Many applications were to be introduced in January. It was going to be a good Droid tablet. Although it is sluggist and slow, and that the touch sensitive surface is crappy, and that there are not that many books available, and that there are only two photography magazines you can purchase, and that the apps are mostly for children, it was okay for me. But...when I purchased a new book and an app, everything went down to hell. They took my money from my credit card but the book and app never dowloaded. The spinning wheel kept on spinning with no delivery of anything.

Finally, today I went to the Barnes and Nobles store in Florida, where I'm staying for the week. The Nook rep at the book store called the "Special" telephone number  to get my Nook fixed. They made him reset the nook completely and then all books, magazines and applications I already purchased were to be automatically be reloaded. Well, it didn't quite work out that way. They had me reinter my email, and wanted me to enter the credit card again. "I don't think so" I said, since the credit card had already been charged. I was afraid they would charge it again. "There nothing I can do" he said until you do and then you will have to call this 800 number to get the magazines, books and apps you already purchased. So I told him I would sell the Nook on EBay and purchase an iPad, which I should have purchased to begin with.

So, if you were contemplating buying a Nook, think twice. It's a piece of crap and has the a rotten servicet.

I will save my money and buy an iPad. Like they say, if you don't have an don't have an ipad.
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