Friday, August 19, 2011

Miss Peggy has been gone for a while. I miss her don't think that I would buy a rocking chair and rock my life away, do you?


Hi Pentaxian friends.

For those that have been following my blog for a long time, you know about Miss Peggy. For those that are new here, here is an introduction to Miss Peggy. Miss Peggy is a Jeep and we went on many adventures together. She has brought me to places so remote that getting there would have been impossible without her. I captured images from remote locations, from the desert to high mountains, from beaches to deep forests. She was my best photographic accessory for a long time. We both are a little older now and she needed to slow it down.

A young couple now owns her, and with young children, she will be having a new life, going along the beaches, with the top off. I see a lot of enjoyable moments with her new family. The children will have fun and so will the parents. She will not have to climb so much anymore. The new activities are going to be less stressful on her. Here are some of the last pictures of Miss Peggy that you will see on this blog.

I'm not a spring chicken myself, but  you don't think I would buy a rocking chair and rock my life you?  It's just a step to another adventure. Yes, I will rock my life away, but to the sound of ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the likes. I had to get another toy to replace Miss Peggy. Here it is or rather here they are:

Introducing "Spartacus", my new buddy. Together, we are ready for new photographic adventures and new  adventures period. I think he is beautiful, and full of energy with his 1300 cc of raw power and customized accessories. He was born from Honda in 2008, and his code name is VTX 1300C. Look at him, he's ready to go. He's been around for 9000 miles but is ready for a lot more.

That's not all, with the change, lots of change, I was able to get this next item. It was originally purchased by an elder couple to go to the lake with the grand kids, but the grand kids are now in their teens and don't care much about camping with the grandparents.  This was just good timing, right place at the right time, as I got this 23 foot Prowler Travel Trailer for a dime on the dollar of the actual value. I also shared the cost with my stepson, so that he too can use it at times.

The inside is like new. In fact, the gas stove was never used. It will come handy to spend economical weekends at places like Yosemite and other National Parks. Perfect for long weekends of photography, etc. My own children and their kids (my grandchildren) will be able to use it when they come visit here in California. We named the trailer "Freedom". It's a she. Here she is:

"Freedom" and "Spartacus" actually were purchased for less than what my cameras, including lenses and accessories, were purchased for. Crazy, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by.

Yvon Bourque
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