Friday, October 21, 2011

Biggest improvement to the AlettA Stabilizer Generation II, available for all DSLRs from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Leica, and others. ***Pentax e-books 25% off through October 31st. ***


Hi Photographer friends.

The number one suggestion I received from users of the AlettA Stabilizers Generation I, is the need for longer and easier to access extension legs.  With the goal of upgrading Stabilizers Generation I as well, I designed additional extension legs mounted on "outriggers". They are sturdier and longer. Instead of adjusting the legs from the undeside, you can adjust the legs' height from the top. In addition, the legs are bigger, (1/4" diameter), and there are no limits to the length you can use, within reason.

The outriggers"can be mounted under the Stabilizer, with the supplied hardware or with the smaller legs supplied with the Generation I Stabilizers. The extension legs also permits the mounting of even bigger lenses.

The AlettA Stabilizer Geeneration II does the following:
(New or upgrades from Generation I.)
It protects your camera from scratches.

It works with any DSLRs or any type of cameras. Three new 1/4" wide by 3" long slots, stratigically spaced, allows for the mounting of any camera with a standard 1/4" ripod mount. It will work with your current camera and your future camera purchases.

t protects the attached lens or lens' hood from damages when resting on a table or other surface.

It incorporates a spirit bubble level, slightly offset for better reading, assuring horizontal level.

It includes a 1/4" threaded hole to install the whole camera system on a tripod for studio work.

It allows the use of Arca-Swiss or other brand of Quick Release.
It uses a genuine non-slip "egrips" on the top surface to prevent camera shifting.

It is made with aircraft aluminum, CNC machined for durability and quality.

It is powder coated with a durable black semi-gloss finish, matching the look and durability of your camera finish.

It has (3) sets of interchangeable and adjustable legs, allowing up to nearly 1-1/2" elevation differences.

It offers optional sturdier and longer extension legs, offering even more stability and flexibility.
It allows you to take pictures at very slow shutter speeds.

It makes telephoto handheld picture taking sturdier by providing a support point for the left hand

It allows low-to-the-ground picture taking.

With Generation II, the weight of the AlettA Stabilizer has been reduced from 12 ounces down to 9 ounces.
It conforms to almost any surface, levels up to perfect horizontal position, and permits shake-free and blur free images.

Additional uses reported by  users:

"I was at a restaurant and my camera was on the table with the stabilizer. My wife spilled her drink. It got everybody wet, except for the camera. The Tequila flowed under the camera." The Tequila flood was avoided with the Stabilizer island.

"Taking street photography, the camera can we held up against a wall for low light photography. I also set the camera on a table at an outside Coffee shop and took several candid shots of people walking by. I got some great shots."

I took pictures of flowers and wanted an ultra-low perspective. By setting the camera on the ground with the stabilizer my image came out perfectly, as I imagined...but without having to put my face in the dirt.


Be prepared to answer questions from other photographers everywhere you go. They are intrigued by the Stabilizer.

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