Monday, October 31, 2011

Highlights of our trip to Maryland, visiting my new grandson, my daughter and my son-in-law.


Hi Photographer friends,

Last week, my wife and I visited Maryland. The main purpose of our trip was to meet my new grandson "Henry Scott". We spent five full days with my daughter, my son-in-law and my new grandson "Henry Scott". He's another miracle. Each time we have a new grandchild, we realize how lucky we are to have a growing family and to live in a continent as free as ours. Henry Scott is beautiful. Of course all my grandkids are beautiful, but he's the newest one. There is another one on the way and April 2012 will be delivering, yet, another grandchild.

This was our first trip to Maryland and we were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful of a state it is. We drove to the country side one day and were astonished of how green it was. We walked, in a state park, to a secluded waterfall. It was just beautiful.

While there, my wife and I decided to drive to Philadelphia, to see some historic sites. WOW! We could have spent several days there. There are so many historic events that took place there, but we only had time to visit the Independence Hall, yes...where the declaration of independence was signed. We took the guided tour and our guide was fantastic. I've learned more about the independence  of the United States in one hour than I did in all of my school years. Of course I'm Canadian eh! and we didn't learned much about the other countries, still eh!

While in Philadelphia, we had to have a Philly cheese steak sandwich. Yum...good for the taste buds, but not so good for one's health.

This was a wonderful trip and I just wish that we could all live closer to each other, but as it is now, we have children in all corners of the United States. Thanks for the internet, Facebook and Skype.

Thank you for stopping by,

Yvon Bourque

P.S. This week, I will introduce my new line of Stabilizers. I listened to you and I have incorporated your suggestions. The Stabilizers Generation II are easier to adjust, fit on any camera, allow Portrait as well as Landscape photography and is compatible with Arca-Swiss Quick Release system, and other systems as well. It's all the stabilization you need, without carrying a heavy tripod.

Mom and Henry Scott.

It's a big job, taking care of a newborn. Gotta sleep sometimes.

A new soup or stew recipe...Henry Scott flavored.

A picture of us, using the AlettA Stabilizer, and the self-timer on the Pentax K-5.

Beautiful water falls...taken with the Pentax K-5, mounted on the AlettA Stabilizer Generation II and set-up on the side of the rocks.

The Maryland country side is beautiful. 

I made a friend, but he went away when my grass wasn't any better than his.

A beautiful Old Church, like there are many in Maryland.

This is the Independende Hall, the original one, but of course restored some.

A painting of the writing and discussions that led to the declaration of independence.

That's the same room depicted in the painting above, but it's the real thing.

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