Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More on AlettA Stabilizers Generation II, available for all DSLRs from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olynpus, Leica, and others. ***Pentax e-books 25% off through October 31st. ***

Hi Pentaxian friends.

Here's more pictures of the upcoming AlettA Stabilizer Generation II:

Shown abovw are three typical setups for the new AlettA Stabilizers Generation II. Light Duty with DSLR in Landscape mode,   Ligh Duty with DSLR in Portrait mode, and Heavy Duty with extended legs. I will cover each application in the next few days, and show how versatile the Stabilizers are.
The new AlettA Stabilizer Generation II has three slots for mounting any DSLR. Note that the deburring around the slots took more than three ounces off the total weight...from 12 ounces down to 9 ounces. Note the 1/4" female threaded hole in the center, allowing the stabilizer to be mounted on a tripod when necessary, all without removing it from your camera.

This is a view of the DSLR mounted on the light duty Stabilizer Generation II. The legs are interchangeable and permits up to 1 1/2" elevation changes front to back and side to side.

View of a DSLR mounted on the stabilizer Generation II. Note the difference in legs extension. The Stabilizer is small, portable, and can stay attached to the bottom of your camera, even when stored inside your camera bag. It sure beats hauling a tripod everywhere you go.

Check here tomorrow for more.

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