Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daily: "Is this a keeper or a dud"? - No.9/365

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Hi Photographer friends,


Today we have an image that was post-processed using NIK software "Silver Efex Pro 2". Post-processing is not for everyone as it does alter the image you actually captured in your viewfinder. However, with today's available tools, one could look at pure photography as well as manipulated photography as a form of Art. I personally draw the line when you alter an image by adding additional objects or persons in the photograph. This is especially true if you are shooting an event or practicing photojournalism.
* Keeper or dud?
* Worthy of enlargement and framing?
* Could it be incorporated in a future book?
* Could I sell the image to the public?
* Should that particular image be available through a Stock Photography Ag
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