Friday, March 30, 2012

The Pentax K-01, the second-best hybrid sensor.


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Friday March 30 2012
The Pentax K01, Pentax’s first serious hybrid, turns in a great performance, arriving in second place in its category. All of the results are available here:Pentax K-01.

Overall score:

2nd place among hybrids (79), 17th place across all categories.
Development of the K-01’s sensor was based the same kind of sensor technology used in the Pentax K5 and Nikon D7000 (which share the same Sony 16Mpix sensor), making this comparison relevant: K-01 Vs K5 Vs D7000. The K-01 achieves very good scores in Portrait and in Landscape.


2nd place among hybrids (23.7 bits), 17th place across all categories.
To derive the Portrait score, we analyze the sensor’s capacity to furnish vivid, varied, and accurate colors under good lighting conditions (i.e., studio).
The K-01’s performance is the same as the K5’s - unsurprisingly, since they basically use the same sensor.


2nd place among hybrids (12.9 EV), 15th across all categories.
The K-01’s performance is below that of the K5 - but then, the K-01’s sensor has 12 bits whereas the K5 has 14 bits.

Sport (Low-Light ISO score):

1st place among hybrids (1135), 20th place across all categories.
The Sport score (alias Low-Light ISO score) lets you know how far you can go with regard to ISO without compromising image quality.
The K-01 takes first place on the hybrid camera ranking thanks to its APS-C sensor, which is larger than the majority of hybrid sensors so it captures more light. We will see below just how close its results are to those of its competitors equipped with APS-C sensors.

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