Saturday, August 18, 2012

EBay, I believe you were good at one time, but now, You are too expensive and bias toward buyers, and neglecting sellers. No sellers = no EBay.


 Hi Photographer friends,

Back when EBay had just started, I was lucky enough to have purchased all the inventory of a camera store in Maine, that had closed down. There were no "PayPal" and the fees were very low. I sold the entire store inventory during  a period of six Months and did very well. 

People were paying by Postal Money order, or checks and some even sent cash money. I was selling and shipping an average of twenty parcels per day. I never received a negative feedback, and I also gave all my clients a positive feedback. 

Then, EBay got bigger and bigger, and with so many people working at EBay, they started to look fort ways to improve their services (that's the code name for "How can we make more money and screw everybody in the process).That was when Meg Whitman was the CEO.  She made a fortune for herself and really didn't care who she was crushing along the way. With her fortune, she even tried to run for Governor of California, but even with the insane amount of money she spent, she did not win.

In 2011, the money that people made by selling on EBay began to be taxable if more than 200 items or $20,000 of sales were achieved in a year period. That's really unfair, as people are loosing their jobs, houses and have no money. some sell their possessions to make ends meet, and then they get to pay tax on their personal stuff that they already paid sales tax on at one time.

Now, EBay fees are too high and they seem to defend the buyers more than the sellers. I sold some of my camera equipment during the past few weeks, using EBay.Since EBay will freeze your money if there is a complaint from a buyer, buyers really have the upper hand.  Three buyers complained on items purchased from me

 "Not as described" . The truth of the matter is that the items were as described or better. All three of them asked for a partial refund. I refused to give a partial refund and told every one of them that I would pay for the shipping to return the item to me and would give a full refund. All three of them backed off and accepted the item, without opening a "Case" with EBay.

That shows me that buyers can complain and can get a partial refund by intimidation, since EBay seem to think the buyers are always right. The funny thing, is that every one of these buyers decided to keep their item after I offer to refund them after shipping the item back to me.

Is that the new way to buy on EBay?

Dear anniesmarket,

Just received the Vivitar 2x teleconverter. The item had a rattle when I opened the box and the diaphragm actuator arm was loose and actually fell inside the lens. Obviously the item will not function. Please advise. A discount should be given.

Thanks, **************************** The item was in perfect condition when shipped. In fact, I used it on my camera before selling it. It was packed in the original box and foam inserts. I then shipped it in a USPS priority Mail box with more packing. Was the package damages when received from the post office? Please send it back, I will pay for the return shipping and will give you a full refund. I don't believe the item was damaged. ***************************** After my reply to pay for shipping and reimburse the full amount:
Hi Anniesmarket,

I was able to disassemble the lens. The actuator arm mount had come loose. Easy fix.
Thanks for responding,


Anonymous said...

I am glad Meg Whitman lost to Moon Beam Brown because the last thing California needs is a Successful Business Woman running the state. She might even understand what an unbalanced budget means or what an annual budget deficit of 16 billion dollars leads to. She might do something like be successful at turning California around and making it a business friendly state. Living under Moon Beam is so much better as we here in California spiral deeper into debt and public parks close. Why would we want someone who has proven business sense and not go with a Career Politician. Most folks don’t realize exactly who the boards of directors are responsible to. They have a fiduciary responsibilty to do what is best for the shareholder they would be breaking the law to due otherwise. They have no option to decide to do what is best for the community at large or what is best for those that refused to care for themselves. Your current leader only has a few more months to not follow any laws he does not think benefits himself. Meg is a success and owes you absolutely nothing! It is too bad Californian’s are too dumb & vote for folks like Boxer, Pelosi Obama & Slow Joe Biden. I understand why Californian’s vote that way California’s education system ranked 47th out of 50. California is working hard on becoming 50th out of 50. We are number one in something, we have more folks on ‘the welfare’ than any other state in fact out of the total number of folks on welfare in the US a third reside California. Yes it was a long but if you look back you brought up politics and Meg I just provide some education & facts to go along with the story. Thanks for reading, you can go ahead and delete this after reading it.

San Diego

Yvon Bourque said...

I will be leaving California in the next few years and I agree with most of what you say. My biggest point is that EBay is not as profitable as it once was.Meg Withman caused job losses at HP and EBay and governing a State or Country is not a matter of business know how. It's not a business, it's an organization voted by the people for the people.