Thursday, September 27, 2012

From my photographic accessories such as Ms Peggy to Ruby and Tuesday.


Hi Photographer friends,

I you have followed my blog for a long time, you know that one of my favorite photo accessory wasn't a photo item at all. It was my Jeep YJ, "Miss Peggy". It carried me everywhere I wanted to shoot. Here she is: I sold her about two years ago, to a good home.

Last year, my new photography accessory was a used travel trailer that I restored. My good Chevy Silverado was pulling it around the different state parks and it was in this trailer that I wrote two of my e-books. It actually was a lot of fun and I was able to get away from the city hustle and  bustle and clear my mind.

The Chevy "Sam" went to a young couple and the trailer "Freedom" was sold to another great growing family with pre-teen children. They will enjoy it.

My new endeavor is a little more costly and it will take a while to have everything the way I want. The idea is to have a big enough RV to travel across the Country and actually live in semi-permanently. I purchased the biggest pick-up truck I could find. It is a Ford f350 dually with a massive 7.3L diesel engine. I will work on it during the next six months or so to get it the way I really want it.

This is "Ruby"

Next, I put a down payment on a fifth wheel and will take possession of it in December. 

This is "Tuesday"

I did some changes on "Ruby" already. I didn't like the off-market front grille and replaced it with a factory original, I was able to get a set of original running boards and also found a good fifth wheel hitch. I installed a new GPS, radio system with Sirius satellite radio. 

I keep changing the grille.

My wife doesn't like the black grille, but the "all chrome" off-market looked a little too gaudy for me.

So, this outfit will be my next best tool for photography. We will be able to, first, travel around the state and even venture in other states on weekends, long weekends and vacation. The ultimate benefit will be sometimes down the road, when we retire and live in our house on wheel full time. This is going to be my personal dream come true. Freedom to go where and when I want to, and to places I always wanted to visit. My photography will turn to travel photography, and although I will continue to write e-books about photography, I will be able to put more time photographing the Country, its People and its Wild Life. I plan to use video a lot more and document the places we visit, on a standpoint of full time RVers. Ultimately, it would be nice to sell the package to the Travel Channel.

I will continue this blog and will also manage a travelling blog as well.

I can hardly wait.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will stay with me,

Yvon Bourque

P.S. I know some of the images are not very clear, but I used my iPhone. I should have the K-5 with me at all times.
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