Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Pentax K-01 reduced to a low low $346.95. Get one while you can.

 Hi Photographer friends,

The Pentax K-01 has not been received all that well  by the photographic community. It is probably why Pentax has reduced it's price drastically. You can get the body for less than $350.00. That has to be one of the best deal around. 

Many of you don't like the boxy look of the camera, but it's actually as good as the K-5 for image quality and it's the very best camera that Pentax has for making movies.  The K-30 produces as good movie clips as the K-01, but it doesn't record sound in stereo and it has no external stereo mic connection. The K-01 has.

I have the K-01 and at first, I was not all that crazy about the lack of viewfinder. Then...I started making movies with it and I discovered its great video capabilities. You can shoot 1080p @ 24fps. The LCD screen is great for video.

Get one while you still can. B&H and Adorama are still taking orders. They sold their stock the first day, but I assume that Pentax still has a lot of these cameras in stock whereas dealers can still take orders.

I know a good deal when I see one.

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P.S. If you own an Apple iPad, you can purchase the K-01 e-book at the Apple iBook store. Look at this previous post:

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