Thursday, February 7, 2013

Combining my photography blog with my newest passion; RV travelling.


Hi Photographer friends,

A few years back, my second favorite hobby was four-wheeling with my Jeep. The Jeep has found a new home a while back and now we are into luxury camping, with a fifth wheel. This will expand my photography immensely. Starting in a few months, we will try to spend weekends in different places within 200 miles from our home in the high desert of California.
From here, a weekend of camping can bring us to all Southern California, part of Nevada and Arizona. There are a multitude of nice places to visit with gorgeous opportunities for photography. With our Pentax cameras and lenses, we will travel as often as possible and report on these short trips with stories and plenty of photos. I will try to use different lenses for each trip and show the results here.
With this new endeavor, I thought it would be appropriate to also link to other bloggers engaged in RVying and photography as well. You will find these links listed on the right side of this blog.
This is what will be pulling our house on wheels.
Above is the House / Photo Studio, on wheels.
Below is part of the inside.
This is going to be a new chapter in our lives and we will share the experiences with you all. It's still going to be a Pentax oriented blog, with a twist. I am in negotiations with Pentax to borrow different lenses for short periods of time and reporting on the results. It should be interesting.
Thanks you for reading,
Yvon Bourque

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Chelsea said...

Wow! It is so cool to travel in a nice RV like this one when going out to take pictures. But you have to do a research on the place where you plan to go because there is an incident that a photographer is killed while he is taking pictures in another place. Just a safety tip especially for the photographers who want to earn extra income from photos