Monday, September 16, 2013

Thank you for all the good reviews of the Pentax K-5 and K-30 e-books.


Hi Photographer friends,

I do not check my reviews very often. Tonight, I checked and was surprised to see so many good reviews. 

However, I had to delete many because some people take this opportunity in include reviews (messages) completely unrelated. As example, I must have deleted 50 or more links to get cheap "Viagara"  or other king of pills. I would like to thank every person that purchased one of my e-books. It makes it all worthwhile.

This week, I will introduce the K-50/K-500 e-book.

Below are the reviews for the K-5/K-5II and K-5IIe.

  1. A beginners Manual 

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Sep 2013
    I was a bit disappointed in the content. I was looking for more in-depth description of the
    K-5 functionality. It was not worth the price.
    I thought that you did a better job with the
    K20d manual.

  2. Good ebook 

    Posted by Toni on 31st Aug 2013
    I like this ebook and is not expensive.Written well and good alternative to the user manual.More tips would be appreciated.

  3. Simply brilliant! Buy it! 

    Posted by John Woodman on 20th Jul 2013
    I've had my K5 for two years, and as a relatively inexperienced photographer, had struggled with many of the features. The manual simply did not tell me what i needed to know. On an impulse, I did one last Google search to find anything helpful and came up with Yve's masterwork. So helpful - I'm only half-way through it and already my relationship with the camera has been transformed. If you have a K5, buy this book.

  4. Good Book 

    Posted by Neil on 4th Jul 2013
    Always good to have something to accompany the usually dry manual. This is it. E book format handy for ipad reference whilst away without having to carry the actual book!

  5. I like it, I like it!!! 

    Posted by Springcreeker on 5th Jun 2013
    As a K5 owner this is the book I was looking for. The Cannon and Nikon owners have a number of books like this available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon---but finding a book like theirs on the K5 was impossible. I am reading every page. Thanks for producing this!

  6. All Problems solved. 

    Posted by Bill on 13th May 2013
    Pentax needs to put this man on their payrole. Pentax documentation is sorely lacking in useful material. Yvon answers all of your questions.

  7. Absolutely essential if you have a K5! 

    Posted by Salvador on 15th Apr 2013
    I am a Pentax enthusiast from the 90's. I used a Pentax P-30N (analogical) and two digital cameras (K-100 and the new K5). However the legion of Pentax enthusiasts, it is very difficult if not impossible to find good and comprehensive resources for the Pentax K5 camera (not so new at present). Normally, the Pentax K5 handbook is goot, but not enough because it can not ressolve the practical questions but with this book can solve this problem. I recommend it!!

  8. I love this book. 

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Apr 2013
    After being a Nikon DSLR user for many years, I decided to take a leap forward, so after reading many reviews I bought a Pentax K5, and I love it!
    In order to fully appreciate this valuable equipment, I looked around and finally found this book.
    It' s very well written, an amateur can understand the instructions it's very easy to follow, and has a lot of examples.
    The first part, may be tedious, but it's necessary in order to know better the different buttons and dials.
    I'm very pleased with this book. If I ever change to another Pentax, I will look for the book from Mr. Yvon Bourque.

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    Posted by Illilmpen on 2nd Apr 2013
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  10. The K-5 explained in laymans' terms 

    Posted by Freddy on 2nd Mar 2013
    This e-manual is a great complement to the Pentax owners' manual. It's practical, organized well, and is an easy read. Highly recommended!

  11. Great companion to the Pentax K5 Manual 

    Posted by Keat on 11th Feb 2013
    The K5 ebook is definitely a lot easier to read than the K5 Manual, It explained the different settings very clearly in easy to understand language, rather than pages and pages of settings. A bit more on flash photography (especially indoor settings) would have been good. As I do a lot of indoor photos, I would have like to see some descriptions of how to use old Pentax flashes (non P-TTL) types perhaps using the Pentax AF280T as an example. I have used that in the Auto mode and still experimenting to get softer more balanced photos. There's no problem with trigger voltages (~ 7.3 volts). Most old Pentax flashes should be ok in the manual mode). More setting recommendations would be beneficial for beginners to DSLRs. Also perhaps show details of camera settings (shutter, aperture ISO, EV etc.) in the various beautiful photos would also provide guidance as well.

  12. quick to get and you need it to understand k5 

    Posted by peter s on 7th Feb 2013
    I´m Swiss. I never found any book about pentax in ouer libraries, but shelf full of canon and nikon. And the operating manual is a little dusty. So I was happy to find a book, that you can immediatly download. It is cheap. the book ist written in a sort of personel view that makes it easy to learn and benefit. I like it.
    To improve: the review of flash not only from pentax, because they are not affordable.
    and the keyword for opening the book: who would copy a book when there are perhaps 10 k5 owner in Switzerland.

  13. Simple basic everyday language 

    Posted by Mike Rhodes on 29th Dec 2012
    I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer so I was looking for something to better explain and compliment the kit manual with regard to the intricacies of my K 5. I found that and much more with this ebook. Very well written and explained. If you have a pentax you need this ebook.

    Thank you Yvon

  14. Great for the K5 

    Posted by Richard B. Jones on 11th Dec 2012
    This is the missing practical manual for the Pentax DSLR's. Continues the standard set by his K10d book. Great for the K5 and promises to add for the K5II and IIs but apparently that is still too soon. Despite the headline, the book is still the 2010 edition and is waiting for the updating. One hopes that when Mr. Bourque gets his hands on a K5IIs (which I have just done), he will do the update and will let current purchasers have the revised edition.

  15. Pentax K-5 -book 

    Posted by Dorothea Penizek on 4th Dec 2012
    I am delighted to have the e-book on my computer as it has better explanations and is far more detailed that the manual.

    As I have filed it, I can scroll through and find solutions when I need them. The K-5 is not my first Pentax, but by far the best with the best menu and easy to find functions.

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  1. Very useful in conjunction with the original user manual .. 

    Posted by Jan Foss on 23rd Nov 2012
    It is always possible to improve a product, but this was really helpful reading ..
    hope you will write more about the video part .. Thanks for a great product.
    I also have the manual on my iphone too, it can be useful in the field,
    when you question some settings on the camera ..

  2. Expands on the K5 manual 

    Posted by Neil on 18th Nov 2012
    An engaging and informative book; essential reading along side the manual.

  3. Get to know the Camera you use! 

    Posted by Marcel on 25th Oct 2012
    No matter how experienced you might be, it's always important to know the equipment you use. I found this e-book very helpfull in discovering the basic use of the K-5.

    The rest is up to you.

  4. Incredibly detailed ! 

    Posted by Chris Petrou on 16th Oct 2012
    I bought this as is was unable to locate a suitably detailed guide to getting the most of the comprehensive features that the K-5 has to offer. I particularly like the no-nonsense and easy to understand approach that describes how to set up the camera using the USER-customisable menu option - and the detailed explanations of the various settings and how these can be used. Also appreciate the prompt response to my e-mail inquiry when I had difficulties downloading the file. All in all, a great effort and heartily recommended with thanks !

  5. For those who haven't read the manual 

    Posted by Paul on 19th Aug 2012
    The only ebook available for the K-5 is written in an easy to read style. Images and discussion of controls is effective. Password protection meand that I can't open the ebook on my ereader. Would be great to be able to do that...

  6. Learn what the official manual won't tell you 

    Posted by Colin Rayner on 16th Jul 2012
    I purchased my first DSLR and struggled to learn how to use it other than as a point and shoot, while relying on the Pentax manual that camera with it. Then I came across this eBook and finally was able to start using the excellent directions within. I recommend it to anyone who wants to use the K-5 as it should be. First Class

  7. finally 

    Posted by Ulrich Schwenk on 4th Jun 2012
    I'm not a native speaker but I try to give a feedback in english. I had only some peeks into the book but gosh everything is there!
    At last also the issue is mentioned which frustrated me at the beginning of my digital photographic life.
    Here is the first book which has a whole chapter about FRONT/BACK-focus and explains how to deal with.
    Thank you very much from the old world (Germany)

Below are the reviews for the K-30.

  1. Excellent resource 

    Posted by Paul M on 5th Jul 2013
    Good way to learn and review the K-30 camera. Generally better than the official manual. There are more typos than I would like but the generally don't interfere with initial learning and ongoing reference.

  2. The essential read for K30 users 

    Posted by Andrew B on 11th Jun 2013
    It was a relief to find somebody that has sat down and written a book for a Pentax K30 camera at last.
    We found it was easy to follow and covered the basics thru to the advanced features of the camera,
    coupled with the fact the author is a Pentax user for a number of years makes this a book all users should have on hand.

  3. Read it BEFORE my Pentax arrived 

    Posted by BKPKR on 25th Mar 2013
    Helpful in getting ready to hit the ground running AND in purchasing some other lenses and accessories....

  4. Haven't read it all only 4 stars 

    Posted by Brian on 6th Feb 2013
    The book is concise and explains things I couldn't understand from the manual. The K30 is a trememndous camera and I have taken many excellent photos without even reading the manual. At this point I have not set any dedicated buttons as I haven't fully understood them. Hopefully, this book will make me see the light.

  5. More than meets the eye! 

    Posted by Jimmy on 2nd Feb 2013
    At first I was underwhelmed...I think that is the new forward....criticize..then actually look at what you have received. I had a camera, the Pentax K30 that had gotten really great reviews. My first dslr actually. I have a Canon SX -50 which I love. The Pentax K30 was a dog of a camera I thought compared to the SX-50. I bought the e-book because my photo's with the K30 were awful. The e-book has helped tremendously once I actually read it. I will say I am a two camera person however...both have their uses and one does not replace the other. The e-book however is well worth the money! I have gotten some fantastic images with the K30 explicitly because of the e-book. Customer Service here is great as well..go for it, you will be pleased.

  6. It got me started quickly and kept on giving insight. 

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Oct 2012
    The book is great for help in using the features of the camera. I downloaded the book a couple of days before I received the camera. It helped me prepare for what I needed to do.

    I am already a Pentax user, so some things were familiar to me, but the K-30 has lots of new features and settings. I particularly like the smily-face highlighted preferences. Great book.

  7. get useful tips and tricks 

    Posted by Klemi on 18th Sep 2012
    If you want to have more fun with your K30 get this eBook.
    You can of course read the usermanual from the first to the last page but you will not get that much information and useful tips from a pro.
    Easy to read and to understand at a fair price.

    Cheers Klemi

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