Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Pentax K-3 is a hell of a great camera. That's why it is taking me so long to write my e-book.


Hi Photographer friends,

I wrote e-books for all the previous Pentax DSLRs since 2006. I pride myself in the fact that I wrote the e-books in an easy to understand way. 

There are a lot of professional photographers or even advanced amateurs that can understand all of the attributes of any cameras in a heartbeat, without any manual, or so they say. I have been a photographer all of my adult life, and I understand photography very well. 

However, I doubt that anyone can learn everything about the complex modern DSLRs available nowadays, just by fiddling around with the camera.  There are always hidden capabilities to every new DSLR and the only way to find out about them is to read the manual and have the camera in hand as you try everything.

Not everyone like or can understand technical oriented manuals that come with the purchase of a new camera. The manufacturer manuals tend to assume that the readers already know a lot about photography and therefore, offer descriptions of “what” the camera can do. There are more than the “what” required learning about any device. You need to know the “how”, the “when”, the “why”, etc.

The new Pentax K-3 is a quantum leap in capabilities, when compared to previous Pentax DSLRs. It uses a new antialiasing  filter-less 24-megapixel Sony sensor, the Autofocus is nothing like we have been used to with Pentax, the video capabilities are now matching the quality needed for video productions, the camera has two memory card slots, it is rated for 200,000 actuations, it has a new LCD screen measuring 3.2” with an aspect ratio of 3:2, it has a new 86,000 pixel metering system, it has on-demand antialiasing filter simulator, it has wireless tethering support, it can transfer images to tablets or smart phones and computers by using an Eye-Fi memory card, and the list goes on.

I am currently writing the e-book for the new K-3 and it is taking longer than I had anticipated. I will not cut corners and I want my e-book to be easy to understand, just like my preceding e-books. It is uncertain why Ricoh/Pentax produced the smallest manual for this camera while it is the most advanced camera ever produced by them. I am including more pictures, illustrations and screen images in this e-book than any of my previous e-books. I want to make it easy to understand for everyone owning the K-3 or thinking of getting it.

I work on the e-book every night for five to six hours. I anticipate completing the draft this weekend. It will likely take most of next week to add the table of content and the glossary. The editing will take place simultaneously.

So… the book will be ready before Christmas, somewhere between the 15th and the 20th of the Month.

I apologize for those waiting for the e-book, but I’m sure you don’t want me to take short cuts.  It is one thing to understand the K-3’s operability, but it’s another thing to explain it in writing and in an easy to understand non-technical way.

Thank you for your patience and for those who asked me to put their name and email in my waiting list, rest assure that I will be contacting you the minute the e-book is ready.

Thank you and Best Regards,

Yvon Bourque
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