Wednesday, May 14, 2014

# 7 - Weekly Chronicle and Photo Album of our current two-year trip across the U.S. and Canada in our RV with our Ricoh/Pentax equipment. This week,Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with my Pentax K-3 and the SMC 50mm and DA 16-45mm ED-AL


 Hi Photographer friends,

 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania,  with my Pentax K-3 

Pennsylvania Dutch Country, also called the Deitscherei in Deitsch, refers to an area of southeastern Pennsylvania, United States that by the American Revolution had a high percentage of Pennsylvania Dutch inhabitants.

I was told that you couldn't take pictures of them, but as you can see below, they granted us permission to photograph them. In fact, they were very nice and polite. The teenagers were probably a little wild in their own way. 

My daughter Marisa (Marisa Bourque Photography) and I were sharing my Pentax K-3 and we both share the camera to produce the images herein. I had the camera set to Continuous HI and we just shot as many images as we could. The images were all cropped and most were corrected in Lightroom 5,0.

Amish children are as cute as can be.

They might have a simple life, but I think they have less worries than us.

Even the horse seems to be posing for us.

Teenagers being wild, or as wild as Amish teens get.

Their horse was beautiful and the buggy was a work of art.

These teenagers were a pleasure to chat with. They were very polite and they all giggled so much when I showed them the images of themselves. I felt so humble.

I guess it was laundry day.

Moving right along.

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