Wednesday, May 28, 2014

# 9 - Weekly Chronicle and Photo Album of our current two-year trip across the U.S. and Canada in our RV with our Ricoh/Pentax equipment. This week, Baltimore, Maryland, with my Pentax K-3 and help from Adobe Lightroom v 5.3.


 Hi Photographer friends,

The  week we were in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Baltimore was established in 1729 and was named after Lord Baltimore. In the 18th century, Baltimore was known for its sugar granary from the Caribbean  Colonies. During the war of 1812, Baltimore was attacked by the British after they had burned down Washington, D.C. 

The battle took place at Fort McHenry and after a long naval battle, the Americans won. The battle inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem "The Star-Spangled Banner" which became the lyrics to the United States National Anthem.

The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 destroyed more than 1,500 buildings in less than thirty hours. The recent re-development of the downtown area led to the rejuvenation of the Inner Harbor. 

The City's largest employer is the John Hopkins University and the John Hopkins Hospital.

The City is now a major U.S. Seaport.


We visited My daughter, her husband and our grandson this spring. They live in Bel Air, Maryland, and we had the opportunity of visiting Baltimore a few times. We took the water taxi which connects several location within the harbor. 

The images below were all taken using my trusted Pentax K-3. I manipulated all images with Adobe Lightroom v 5.3 by making them much softer and accentuating the colors. 

Fell's Point. 
My grandson Henry

Historical buildings are all over the place.

It's a great place for lunch at any of the multiple restaurants and coffee shops. In the square at Fell's point, there is a food vendor that sells the best giant soft pretzels I have ever eaten.

The City streets were the cleanest I have seen in any of the major Cities we visited.

It looked like we were still in the 18th century.

The horse you came in on Saloon. It was established in 1775 making it the oldest Saloon in Baltimore. It was the last known destination of American writer "Edgar Allen  Poe" before his death.

Inner Harbor

The USS Constellation.

Beautiful ship that you can visit

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