Thursday, July 24, 2014

# 17 - Our current two-year RV trip across North America. This week's; Travelling back to California... I used the Pentax K-3.


 Hi Photographer friends,

This week we are on our way back to California. We stopped overnight at different RV campgrounds, but not long enough to make a series of image of one location only.

Instead, I took several images of our trip on the road (Highway 10). This is how we travel. It is not in a one million dollar Prevost Bus, but it is very comfortable for us. We get to meet great people and we take our time. There is rarely any rush getting anywhere.

As we travel, it is sometime difficult to get a good internet connection. This is the case here and why I wasn't able to post my weekly "Wednesday Travel" yesterday.

I took some video footage while on the road and will post them when I can secure a stable WI-FI connection.

The Fifth Wheel RV we started our trip with. Twenty-eight feet.

The Fifth Wheel RV we traded for in Florida. Thirty-five feet.


The Pentax K-3 Prestige Edition introduced. Take a look.

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