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The PENTAX XG-1 features a powerful 52x optical zoom lens for a wide range of photographic applications


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The PENTAX XG-1 features a powerful 52x optical zoom lens for a wide range of photographic applications

Denver, Co. July 14, 2014 Building on its foundation of unique DSLR cameras, RICOH IMAGING is pleased to introduce the PENTAX XG-1 digital camera. This versatile, all-in-one camera showcases an impressive 52x optical zoom lens, 16 megapixel sensor, and Pentax technology; bridging the gap between DSLR flexibility and point and shoot convenience.

The PENTAX XG-1 is a versatile camera ideally suited for those seeking the many lens options of a DSLR but requiring the convenience and flexibility of a point and shoot camera. When photographing a wide variety of subjects, including fast-action sports, The XG-1 is compact, lightweight, and easy-to-carry with an array of outstanding features, including a powerful 52-times optical zoom lens, approximately 16.0 effective megapixels for high-resolution images, and a large, easy-to-view 3.0-inch LCD monitor. Boasting a stylish, high-grade design that resembles PENTAX-branded SLR cameras, the XG-1 comes equipped with a sensor-shift-type SR (Shake Reduction) system, that is effective even under demanding, shake-prone conditions, such as when using the zoom lens’s telephoto range, shooting with incident light, or photographing sunset scenes.

This camera provides the photographer with a greater range of creative options by featuring innovative tools such as: 1cm Macro mode for the capture of dramatic close-up images from just one centimeter away; high-speed continuous shooting of up to 60 images per second; and HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode to synthesize an ultra-wide-gradation image from three images taken at varying exposure levels.

“We are excited to bring Ricoh Imaging’s technology and manufacturing experience with DSLR cameras to the XG-1.  This exciting new camera demonstrates advanced imaging technology and quality workmanship, but also the versatility of a long zoom lens and the easy operation expected of a compact camera,” said Brian McIntosh, Director of Marketing, Ricoh Imaging America Corp.

Pricing and Availability

The XG-1 will be available at retailers nationwide and at in August 2014 for a suggested retail price of $399.95

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Main Features

1. 52-times optical zoom lens with 24-mm ultra-wide-angle coverage to accommodate diversified subjects:

The XG-1 incorporates a high-magnification 52-times optical zoom lens in its compact, portable body. In addition to its extra-wide focal-length coverage — from 24mm ultra-wide angle to 1,248mm super telephoto (in the 35mm format) — it also features the 1cm Macro mode, which allows the photographer to capture dramatic, eye-catching close-up images from a distance of one centimeter. This camera accommodates a wide range of subjects and applications without the need for lens changes. It even provides the Digital Zoom function, which extends the zoom coverage to approximately 208 times (for a maximum focal length of 4,992mm in the 35mm format) without compromising image quality.

2. Back-illuminated CMOS image sensor:

The XG-1 features a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, which demonstrates remarkable high-sensitivity, low-noise characteristics and assures high-speed image data readout. Coupled with its top sensitivity of ISO 3200 and approximately 16.0 effective megapixels, it delivers

super-high-resolution images. In addition, the XG-1 has an innovative Handheld Night Scene mode that captures blur-free night-time photos by taking multiple images simultaneously and synthesizing them into a single composite.

3. Large, high-resolution 3.0-inch LCD monitor:

Equipped on the back of the XG-1’s body is a large, high-resolution 3.0-inch LCD monitor with approximately 460,000 dots. Its large screen provides a clear view of images and menus that assure a quick, effortless check of images, and also facilitate swift, error-free setting changes.

4. High-speed continuous shooting to capture decisive moments:

The XG-1 lets the photographer capture dramatic, once-in-a-lifetime shutter opportunities in sharp, crisp images, even with active, fast-moving subjects. The XG-1 also provides a super-high-speed continuous shooting mode with a maximum speed of approximately 60 images per second* and a high-speed continuous shooting mode at approximately 30 images per second.** Coupled with its Auto Tracking AF function, which automatically keeps a moving subject in focus.
* In the super-high-speed continuous shooting mode, the image size is fixed at VGA format (640 X 480 pixels).
** In the high-speed continuous shooting mode, the image size is fixed at 4M (2304 X 1728 pixels).

5. Reliable shake- reduction system for sharp, blur-free images:

The XG-1’s advanced sensor-shift-type SR (Shake Reduction) system assures sharply focused, blur-free images even under demanding photographic conditions prone to camera shake by accurately assessing the amount of camera shake using a high-precision gyro sensor.  This system shifts the CMOS image sensor vertically and horizontally with great precision and speed to achieve a required anti-shake effect.

6. Electronic viewfinder for a clear view of the subject in outdoor shooting:

The XG-1’s electronic viewfinder comes in handy when shooting a subject placed against harsh backlight, or when the photographer needs a more solid grip of the camera.

7. Full HD-standard movie recording for extended shooting of high-quality movies:

The XG-1 features a Full HD movie recording function employing the H.264 recording format. The user can capture high-quality, extended movie clips (at a frame size of 1920 x 1080 pixels, in a 16:9 aspect ratio) at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. The user can instantly switch to one of eight digital filters (including black & white and sepia), even during recording. The XG-1 even provides a host of creative movie playback features, including High-speed Movie mode for slow-motion playback.* A micro-HDMI terminal (type D) is also located on the camera body for the output of recorded movies and sound to external audio-visual devices.

* Sound cannot be recorded in this mode.

8. Quick-set mode dial for easy selection of the desired shooting mode:

The XG-1’s mode dial provides quick, effortless selection of the desired shooting mode, without the need for recalling the menu screen. The user can select the option that best suits the subject or scene, from a total of 10 modes including the hands-off Auto Picture, Scene (11 options), Program, Face Beautifier and Movie.

9. Other features:

・HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode to synthesize an extra-wide-gradation image from three different images of varying exposure levels
・Digital filters such as black & white and fish-eye, with easy selection
・Interval shooting mode, useful in fixed-point observation of landscapes and flowers and plants
・Pet detection mode for automatic recognition of up 10 pet faces
・Compatibility with Eye-Fi wireless LAN SD memory cards

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