Monday, September 15, 2014

San Diego is a really nice place. I wish I could afford a house here. Pentax K-3 and DA* 60-250mm


 Hi Photographer friends,

I drove to the Sunset Cliffs area of San Diego today. I love San Diego. The temperature is usually moderate all year long and there are so much to do here. I find it easier to take great photographs when the location is great. As they say, "If you are lucky enough to live near the're lucky enough".

I will have to come back here later on so that I can actually capture gorgeous sunsets, as the name of the place implies. Today I got the Cliffs, next time I will get the Sunset.

Except for the surfer dude, all images were taken with the Pentax K-3 and the DA* 60-250mm. The camera was set as follow. ISO 100, Aperture of f/22, Multi-exposure+Continuous, Composite Mode set to Average, and the number of shots set to 40. You would usually need to use Neutral Density filters for this kind of photographs, but with the K-3, multi-exposure of up to 2000 can be taken and the image balanced to average, just like if you would stack several images using Photoshop.

I love this Camera.

Sometimes, simplicity is best. 

Long exposures produce nice images.

I wouldn't want to be caught in the waves, but it sure is pretty.

Distant view using the Pentax DA* 60-250mm, at 250.

There wasn't too many surfers today, as the waves weren't that good.

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Yvon Bourque

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