Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Up and coming photographer using the Pentax equipment.

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 Hi Photographer friends,

The following images were all taken by my daughter Marisa, who has developed a good eye for photography. In fact, I believe she is better than I am at people photography.   She only has a modest Pentax K-r and uses the DA 18-55mm lens most of the time. Not bad at all for the equipment she has. Once more, it shows that it's the photographer and not the camera. 

She has started shooting for profit, for neighbors and friends, and new acquaintances. I certainly hope that her business will only increase from now on. She has a good eye for composition. Marisa is in Maryland so you could always contact her if you need her photographic services. She mainly shoot children and pets.

She has a page on Facebook that you can view. Marisa Bourque Photography. Please visit and like her site. She is in her element.

Thank you for reading.

Can't see the forest for the trees.
Little man ready for the road of life.
Two cool dudes.
What will that generation discover?
Everyone loves baby pictures.

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