Monday, April 20, 2015

Reunion with my two daughters in New York City.


 Hi Photographer friends,

Earlier this Month, I was lucky enough to visit New York with my two daughters. The last time we were all three of us together, away from home, free like birds, no responsibilities, is twenty-five years ago. They were young children then, when we toured the West Coast in a motor home.

We had a great time back then as we also had this time in New York. 

With us, we had two Pentax cameras, a K-3 and a K-r, plus three iPhones. We took hundreds of pictures because such reunion does not happen often. I would love to share them all, but it would be boring for anyone but us and family.

Photo opportunities abound in New York and I chose only ten images that I think depicts New York and our short trip. All three of us took pictures so the credits goes to all of us.

Thank you for looking,

Yvon Bourque

Beautiful Architecture.

Fire Station Engine 6, a first Responder on 911

Little Italy


I let the driving to my daughters.

Here they are, my beautiful daughters.

Fit for an Empire

Freedom Tower

Two minutes is all it takes.


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