Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Pentax K-S2 four-way controller...Inconvenience and how to fix it.


 Hi Photographer friends,

Have you purchased a Pentax K-S2?

If you have, I have fixed a little problem that I think is annoying. I wanted to share with everyone. It’s not that big of a problem, but here it is:

The four-way controller on the K-S2 is not all that great. The buttons are flush with the body and it’s hard to know which button you are pushing without looking. You don’t always want to look, you should be able to push the right button by feel. The way it is now, you sometimes push the wrong button.

See how the four-way controller buttons are flush with the body! You can't feel them.

The four-way controller, on my K-3, K-5 and K-7 and most Pentax DSLRs I owned, were easy to find and they all protruded a little. Why the changes? I don’t know.

They protrude on most Pentax DSLRs. Why the changes?

I purchased a pack of self-stick transparent bumpers. Using an Exacto knife, cut a small portion of a bumper and affix one on each of the four-way buttons. They are transparent so you can read though them and they are just thick enough to use the buttons by feel.

Transparent bumpers for about a dollar at the hardware store or Wall-mart.

See how they protrude now. You can also see through them.

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