Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Pentax K-1 e-book is now available.


 Hi Photographer friends,

The Pentax K-1 e-book is finally available. It has more than 325 pages and the file has not been compressed in order to minimize its size. It's an e-book about photography and I did not want to sacrifice quality over file size. The K-1 is so impressive that the e-book had to measure up to it.

You can get a free sample file here: SAMPLE

You can get the e-book, the first K-1 e-book in the world, at this site:

Now, for you Pentax owners, I do have e-books for most of the Pentax DSLRs. You can check this site and even download any e-book for checking the contents. 

The K-1 e-book is available NOW.

Click on the image above to visit our e-book store. You can also download sample e-books and get the free AF front and back focusing adjustment charts at this e-commerce.

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