Monday, May 18, 2009

Recap on K-7 specifications (Speculations) from all over the world. Which specifications will be accurate?

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

Today, we post the speculations about the K-7 specs, that were posted from sites all over the world. Wednesday, May 20 @7:00 A.M. the real camera and specifications will be unveiled on this site and many other sites all over the world. It will be interesting to see which speculations were correct and how much new stuff the K-7 will have, that haven't leaked so far.
From RiceHigh
Camera Name:
Pentax K-7 (It is "K Hyphen Seven" - *No* "D" Letter and *With* the Hyphen)

Kit Lens:
DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL WR (Water/eather Resistant)(WOW! HOYA/Pentax have taken my Advice!! That is, a Weather-sealed Kit Lens for a Weather-sealed Body. It seems that they do read my Blog and accepted my "repeated" "Bashes"!!)

Dimensions (by Measurement, Not Factory Specs):
96mm (H) x 130mm (W) x D1-D3**D1 = 66mm, from Flange to Grip Rear*D2 = 74mm, from Grip Front to Grip Rear*D3 = 76mm, from RTF Front to Grip RearRemark: Neck Strap Buckles, Eyecup, Hotshoe and Rubber Covers are All IgnoredAmazingly Truly Compact! Especially for an Upper Grade DSLR Body! (RTF is Far Less Protruding Than Previous Models, Too)

Sensor Format:
APS-C, Aspect Ratio: 3:2

Pentax KAF2 (Crippled K-mount, Support Both Body Driven "Screw-Type" AF KAF and SDM KAF2/KAF3 Lenses)

Viewfinder Coverage and Magnification:
>95% and/or >0.95X ( by my Best Measurement and Estimation - It could be 100% *and* 1.0X ! Actually, I've measured that result but just can't believe it myself !! )

Yes, Manual Pop-up

Live View:
Yes, Activated by One-touch Dedicated "LV" button at the Thumb Position
Movie/Video Recording:
Movie/Video with Mono-Audio Recording
Top Monochrome Status LCD:

Rear Colour LCD:

e-Wheels Control:
Front and Rear Wheels

Green Button:
Yes, Directly Under the Rear Wheel

Exposure Modes:
Green Mode, P, Sv, Tv, Av, TAv, M, B, X, User and Movie

Focusing Modes:

Dedicated AF Button:

Dedicated AF Point Selector:
Yes: Central, Auto and User Select

Built-in AF Assist Light:
Yes, Bright Type (Not Near IR)

Dedicated Metering Mode Selector:
Yes: Evaluative, Centre-Weighted Average, Spot

Controls Around Shutter Release:
Optical/Digital Preview; Two Separate Buttons for ISO Speed Selection and +/- EV Compensation / Top LCD Panel Backlight/Illumination

Other Direct Controls:
With the Four Ways / "OK" Buttons: WB, Flash, Drive and Colour Mode / AF Point Selection Activation

Standard Controls:
Play/Delete (at Upper Left), INFO/MENU (at Lower Right)

RAW Button:

"Fn" (Function) Button:
No (Not Needed with New Direct Controls Design)

Shake Reduction Switch:
No (to be Enabled and Disabled via System Menu)

PC Sync Socket:

IR Remote Control:
Yes, Front and Rear Receivers

I/O Ports:
Left: DC IN, PC/AV, HDMI, MIC IN (Stereo? Very Possibly, I think); Right: Cable Switch Connector

Vertical Battery Grip D-BG4

by Deadtrees on 23/04/09 @ 13:09

Someone from 2CH(Japanese Forum site) claimed that he's sure about: - Name: K7 (with or without "D") - Size: slightly smaller than K20D - Shape: peculiar, rectangular prism housing - Official announcement: during last 10 days of May - Delivery: end of June, beginning of July - Pricing: around 1,500 Eu (probably somewhat less) So yes, your idea about the size seems right.Much less solid, but perhaps already quite close to the truth, are the rumoured specs: - Same sensor as the K20D - Up to 6400 ISO with better noise treatment - 5 images/sec - 100 % viewfinder - Better weatherproofing - Mirror lockup - Liveview and HD Video - Better stabilizer . - Better DRE mode - 77 zones light metering - Much better AF system even with non-SDM lenses - 3 inches/ 920 000 pixels screen with in-body editing (crop...) - 1/8000 shutter with 1/250 sync
posted by Deadtrees, an anonymous guest userMore Pentax K-7 specs
By PR admin May 12, 2009
This an addition to the previously posted Pentax K-7 specs (some specs are repeated):
15 MP new APS-C CMOS sensor
ISO 50-6400
5 fps (till 10 fps in 6 MP mode)
100 % viewfinder, 1.1 x
Liveview and HD Video 1920*1080
77 AF points in LV
11-point TTL double-cross sensor
77 zones light metering
1/8000 shutter with 1/250 sync
3 inch display
weather resistant body
HDMI port, microphone port

Supposed specs for the ‘K7D’ are as follows:

* Square sensor? 1.3 crop factor.* A new, overhauled, excellent AF system* At least 5fps* 1.0x viewfinder* 720p video with audio* 1/8000 shutter* 2.7 or 3.0 inch VGA res screen
And here are some other purported specs for the new DSLR:
* Same sensor as the K20D* Up to 6400 ISO with better noise treatment* 5 images/sec* 100 % viewfinder* Better weatherproofing* Mirror lockup* Liveview and HD Video* Better stabilizer .* Better DRE mode* 77 zones light metering* Much better AF system even with non-SDM lenses* 3 inches/ 920 000 pixels screen with in-body editing (crop…)* 1/8000 shutter with 1/250 sync
I really hope Pentax comes out with something mind blowing because they could really use it.

I suppose we could list many more speculations, but it seems that they all have about the Wednesday May 20, 7:00 A.M. California time, check here and the real specifications will be listed.


Kym said...

If it is APS-C sensor then I stay with my K20D.

If they do a 1.3 APS-H sensor - then I'm upgrading.

All else matters little

Anonymous said...

1.3x would be very stupid.
As they really only had to bring a new lens line. BS.

Frenchiman said...

Just a little visit here :

Miserere said...

All I need to know is this:

- Has the high-ISO IQ improved?
- Is there still a custom AF calibration feature?

If the answer to both is "yes", then I'm happy, given that I already know the body is more compact than the K10/20D.

I must be easy to please... :-)

Miserere said...

And for those who haven't seen the photos, see this gallery on Flickr.