Monday, July 23, 2007

New Pentax K100D book shipping soon.

Dear Pentax users and friends.

We will soon publish our newest book; PENTAX K100D “Everything you need to know…and then some”. We were hoping to complete the K100D book by the end of June, early July. Everyone here thinks that I got a little carried away in wanting the book to be the best book on the market for the money. Consequently, my schedule has slipped a little. The book will ship in about two weeks (around mid-August).

We received a lot of comments and suggestions following the release of our first book the PENTAX K10D “Everything you need to know…and then some”. Our new book on the K100D/K100D Super will contain most of the suggestions received from the readers of the K10D book. That will include more photos of the camera, menus, lens, etc., in order to make learning the virtues of the camera as easy as possible. We have also included a basic photography section where entry-level photographers and point-and-shoot up-graders can understand the basic of photography. The relation between Aperture, Shutter Speed and Sensitivity are clearly explained. Composition rules-of-thumb, Bokeh, standard practices are included in that section.

One of the most confusing operations of any DSLR is undoubtedly the use of Menus and Sub-Menus to change the camera modes and settings. All options and settings requiring the use of the LCD screen are explained step-by-step with a picture of the screen for each step. It can’t be easier.

I am honored that you are reading our blog and perhaps considering purchasing our new book on the K100D. In the meantime, you can visit our website and add your name to our waiting list for the K100D book. Please continue visiting this blog and letting us know your wishes and comments.

Do not hesitate to leave us comments in our Blog. We would also like to know what you would like us to put in our blog. If you have any editorial material and photos you’d like to publish on our blog, send text and photos to . Similarly to our books, we want our blog site to be your blog site.


Yvon Bourque


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