Saturday, July 21, 2007

Trip to Florida

I'm just back from a 10 day vacation in Florida. My two daughters live there as well as my precious grand daughter. I never go anywhere without my K10D and this time was no exception. It was a real hassle going through security at airports, but it was well worth the inconveniences.

My grand daughter is a little over three years old and it took all I had to keep up with her. She’s going a mile a minute. It was a joy to spoil her a little. I told her that while I was there, she was the “Boss” and that we would do what she wanted.

We bought some toys, clothes, went out for sushi a few times, bought candy and ice cream, and went to the beach. I took a lot of pictures, and it’s a good thing that I live in the digital camera era. Films would have cost a fortune, giving that I took about 500 pictures.

I always enjoyed taking pictures of children. The first five minutes, they are a little timid but they soon forget about the camera and go on with their business. You know that three years old have a lot of business to tend to.

I used a Sigma EX 70-200 f/2.8 lens for most of my shooting. That way, I was able to stay far enough without disrupting her important business, and the bokeh that you get with a fast telephoto is great, at least with that particular lens. This is the only non-Pentax lens I own and I believe it’s one of the best lens Sigma ever produced. I am a little bias, but I think she is the most beautiful little girl I ever saw. I think she will be a star someday. She’s already my star. can contact us on this site :)
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